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From arctic seas, we bring you the best seafood cold water has to offer.

Our Story

Arctic Coldwater Seafood was founded in 2014 on the promise of bringing the freshest seafood ingredients from sea-to-table to restaurants and consumers, underpinned by an end-to-end supply chain that emphasizes well managed sustainability.

Founder Kristian Korsvik spent his growing up years in Norway. One of the most remarkably and beautiful countries in the world, surrounded by spectacular fiords, glaciers, and natural coastal islands. More than that, Norway is also renowned for its natural produce. Growing up, Kristian had access to the freshest produce, harvested direct from the cold, crisp and fresh Norwegian waters.

A passionate environmentalist and an active scuba diver, Kristian witnessed first-hand the impact of climate change to the oceans, reefs and sea life. By offering sustainably sourced seafood, consumers, restaurants and suppliers have access not just to the freshest ingredients but can also play a part to positively impact the environment ― this is the founding principle upon which Arctic Cold Water Seafood was established upon.

ACWS believes in only sourcing the highest quality, sustainably caught or farmed cold water seafood. We currently offer Shrimp, Crab and Fish.

Our deep-water, naturally harvested shrimp come from 3° to 6° waters

Wild caught Red King Crab and Snow Crabs from the Norwegian Seas

Sustainably farmed and freshly caught Fish from the Arctics

Markets We Serve

Buying choices and consumption preferences can influence fishing patterns in the long run. By focusing on a low carbon footprint and minimum environment impact, Arctic Coldwater Seafood supports a sustainable and scalable ecosystem. We can provide sustainably sourced, fresh arctic seafood produce world-wide. Our team have strong and long cold chain logistics experience.

Sales and representative offices are available in the following countries:
China, Norway, Singapore

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