Arctic Crab

Wild caught Red King Crab and Snow Crabs from the Norwegian Seas.

Red King Crab


We source our Red King Crab directly from Norwegian Sea and Russian Far East. Caught wild,they are butchered, cleaned and quality inspected before being sized graded. Also called Kamchatka crab or Alaskan king crab.

Product Details

Frozen – Raw
Frozen – Cooked

• S (300g)
• M (300-500g)
• L (500-700g)
• L2 (700-900g)
• L3 (900-1100g)
• L4 (1100g+)

5 – 20 kg cartons

• Kamchatka Crab
• Alaskan King Crab

Snow Crab


The Snow Crabs we offer are fresh from the cold waters of the Barents Sea in Norway. The crabs are produced in clusters, whole round or live.

Product Details

Frozen – Raw
Frozen – Cooked

M (3-5oz)
L (5-8 oz)
2L (8 up)
3L (8-10oz)
4L (10 up)

5 – 20 kg cartons

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